LIMA is able to make a large quantity of plastic and rubber articles for the airspace sector. Thermoplastic and elastomeric materials are ideal to meet sector requirements as lightness, reliability, safety, sealing and cheapness. Reduced weight of thermoplastic materials can guarantee less consumption, more lift capacity and the construction of lighter planes. More over thermoplastic materials are less blinding in the design and they ensure production process fast and efficient.

Properties of materials are remarkable and suitable for this sector: mechanical and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to the lowest temperatures, chemical inertness, good heat insulation, fire resistance and low smoke emission. Moreover, certain thermoplastic materials guarantee high performance even without lubrication.

Our articles can be used inside aeroplane cabins, navigation system or engines; products in great demand are fittings, holders, grains, joints, spools, pulleys, housings, protections, spacers and crossbars.

LIMA is constantly engaged in the development of new products. We remain at your disposal for further requests.


  • Aerospace

    LIMA can realize a vast quantity of plastic and rubber articles for the aerospace industry. The thermoplastic and elastomeric materials are ideal to meet the needs of this industry in terms of lightness, reliability, safety and durability.

  • Food Industry

    LIMA provides plastic and rubber solutions for the most diverse applications in the food industry, including gastronomic workshops, distributors and major manufacturers of machinery.

  • Graphic Arts

    We can supply plastic and rubber parts for rotary machines in the graphic industry. Each component is constructed to be durable and wear resistant.

  • Industrial Components

    Thermoplastic materials are often preferred to steel, iron and aluminum for their light weight, cost and resistance to corrosion. LIMA can supply screws, nuts, washers, bearings, nipples, inserts, bushings, elbows and nozzles.

  • Packaging

    LIMA provides plastic and rubber parts for installation inside of packaging, filling, sealing and labeling machinery. These parts provide high performance in terms of handling, protection and fastening.

  • Cryogenics

    LIMA provides solutions in cryogenic industry making gaskets, seats, bushings and other components. The used materials ensure high performance in terms of sealing, dimensional stability and low temperature resistance.

  • Electricity

    LIMA develops and supplies plastic and rubber solutions for the electrical and electronics sector. The applications range from semiconductor to lighting, from household appliances to industrial machinery, from microchips to electronic circuitry.

  • Industrial Machinery

    LIMA has decades of experience in the production of articles in plastic and rubber used for the construction of industrial machineries. The most popular parts are wheels, rollers, gears, bases, caps, spacers, rails, cross beans and trays.

  • Medical & Pharma

    LIMA designs and supplies special plastic and rubber parts for the medical and pharmaceutical sector. The materials comply with characteristics such as biocompatibility, resistance to cleaning agents, disinfectants, solvents and resistance to sterilization.

  • Oil & Gas

    LIMA offers special designed plastic parts for the Oil & Gas industry. Parts are resistant to high temperature and corrosion due to harsh chemicals such as sulfur-containing hydrocarbons, superheated steam, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide.

  • Hydraulics

    LIMA produces parts used in valves, pumps, hydraulic power units and actuators. Every piece is realized to ensure maximum performance in terms of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing and thermal resistance.

  • Textile Industry

    LIMA has a wide range of plastic and rubber articles for the textile industry (frames, combs and separators machineries for the fusing, ironing and stain removal).

  • Painting

    LIMA develops and supplies plastic and rubber solutions for the painting industry, producing technical articles in materials capable of withstanding chemical wear due to aggressive agents present in the dye mixtures.

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