LIMA was founded in 1977 as a craft company committed to the production of seals and technical articles in thermoplastic material.

The company was initially established in Cividate al Piano (BG) but few years later moved to Grumello del Monte (BG), a bigger location which is more appropriate to the volume of production. The choice of the new location was not accidental: Grumello del Monte represented the ideal place for the production and the commercialization of industrial seals, tailor made-customised components and products moulded from thermoplastic material for different industrial applications. Grumello del Monte has become over time a benchmark location in the rubber/plastic sector among the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia and Milan, thus rewarding the intuition of the President and the Founder Angelo Baldelli.

In the meantime, in the early 80’s, the company decided to open a branch office in Milan, which was primarily responsible for the marketing of standard products in both thermoplastic and elastomeric material (silicone and polyurethane rubbers). At first, this has enabled the company to quickly meet the requirements of the customers located in the Milan area and to expand our business beyond the regional and national boundaries.

Over the years, the company has achieved such a commercial growth that in 2010 we had to move to a new 3.000’s square meters production in Bolgare (BG).

Angelo Baldelli – President and Founder of LIMA

  • From Pioneers To Leaders

    Lima could always rely on its dynamic, solid and well-organised structure, which has allowed the company to reach an important commercial development and an optimal quality level of its manufactured products over the years.

Today LIMA can rely on its solid and organised structure, which has allowed the company to reach an important commercial development, and an optimal level of quality of its manufactured products and a recognised prestige. At the beginning Lima could not dispose of great financing, nevertheless, the main goal of the company has always been to invest wisely in technology, facilities and cutting-edge machinery, to support the industrial activity. This, combined with hard work and a non-stop will of improvement, has allowed LIMA, year by year, to run the ranking of the reference market, until reaching the top of the category.

LIMA still invests resources in new machineries and technical staff (engineers, technicians, skilled workers). Moreover, LIMA is at the forefront in the development of new special materials and in the research of new applications in which plastic and rubber can make a difference.

  • Personality and Technology

    People, who work for Lima, are highly qualified and they contribute to the business development. We firmly aim at an improvement of our manufacturing process, investing money in cutting-edge machinery and in the most efficient information technology.

  • Our Activity

    LIMA is specialised in the mechanical working (turning and milling) of every kind of plastic material (engineering polymer and thermoplastic, fluorocarbon resin). In this way, from the semi-finished and unprocessed product, it is possible to make every type of part, even the very complex shapes and with the sharpest details. Furthermore, Lima markets products for the elastomeric industry (silicone and polyurethane rubbers).

  • Where To Find Us

    Lima consists of two well-defined units: the first one situated in Bolgare (BG), which deals with customised products; the second one situated in Milan (MI) specialised in the marketing of standard and moulded products.

  • We Are In The World

    The relevant market of Lima has always been the Italian market, but in the last few years, our attention has been directed abroad Europe and in the other Continents. We have a commercial division purely dedicated to foreign market.

  • Quality Certified Attention

    Thanks to its quality managements system, which is effective and precise, LIMA is organised to ensure its customers benefit from the full respect of requirements and technical characteristics specified during the purchase order. Our metric room is equipped to carry out any type of dimensional control, thanks to the use of certified instrumentation and optical machinery with laser and probers.

  • Environment Guaranteed Respect

    Thanks to an environmental management system, which is effective and precise, LIMA is able to control the environmental impacts of its activities, both inside and outside the organisation.

  • Contact Us

    For more information and requests, please see the contact us’ page where it is possible to find the necessary references; we will be glad to answer to all of your questions.

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