Bauteile aus PCTFE

Industriedichtungen, Technische Bauteile nach Zeichnungen, Halbzeuge, Ventilsitze und Einlageringe

Unsere PCTFE Produktpalette umfasst O-Ringe, Ventilsitze, Buchsen, Lager, Einsatzringe, Düsen, Scheiben, Armaturen und Kreise.

PCTFE ist ein hochwertiges Kunststoff, geeignet für Anwendungen in der Luftfahrt-, Lebensmittel-, Kryo-, medizinische, pharmazeutische und petrochemische Industrie. Dank ausgezeichneten elektrischen Eigenschaften, guter chemischen Beständigkeit und ausgezeichneter thermischen Beständigkeit wird PCTFE in extrem kritischen Anwendungen mit extremen Temperaturen und stark korrosiven Flüssigkeiten verwendet.


The polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) is a fluorinated polymer, or a polymer in which the chain of carbon atoms of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine atoms, thus ensuring high chemical resistance even at high temperatures. The basic structure of PCTFE is of the type [CFCl – CF2].

The PCTFE is worked mainly by compression molding or injection molding, without forgetting the extrusion and machining. High frequency welding and ultrasonic are allowed; for bonding is required a preventive treatment.

The PCTFE has inside chlorine atoms (larger than the fluorine atoms), thus resulting in a decrease of the crystallinity. Nevertheless, the rigidity and strength are good. The service temperature range from -240 ° C to 204 ° C. The chemical resistance is good but inferior to that of PTFE. The PCTFE has excellent electrical properties, but its use in the high frequency range is limited. The PCTFE has very low permeability to water vapor, is stable to weathering, does not burn, it releases chlorine when subjected to extreme radiation and is physiologically harmless.

For these reasons, the PCTFE is used in the medical industry and can come into contact with foodstuffs. It is particularly required in the fields of cryogenics, aerospace and valves. The PCTFE can be used for the realization of gaskets, sealing systems, fittings, pipes, membranes, circuits, insulating sheets and packaging.


Shown below are the most common PCTFE trade names available at LIMA.



Shown below are the most common trade names for the PCTFE material.

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