The poliammide-immide (PAI) belongs to the family of thermoplastic polyimides, like other materials such as PEI, PISO, SMEs, PMMI, and EQUAL WEIGHT. Polyimides are plastic materials with higher stability to heat. They contain the characteristic imide group and are formed by the polycondensation of aromatic diamines with aromatic bianidri at the intermediate stage.


The PAI may be processed by injection molding, extrusion and machining by chip removal.

The PAI is a special material, suitable for the refrigeration industry (cryogenic) and for both aeronautical and space industry. It presents good resistance to breakage, high creep resistance, low flammability and high hardness. And ‘resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatics, chlorinated and fluorinated, as well as ketones, esters, ethers, radiation, acids and weak bases. It also has excellent thermal characteristics. May be added glass fibers, carbon fibers and other fillers (PTFE, PSU, PEI, PA, PPS, PPC) to improve the rigidity, the strength and workability.

The PAI is particularly suitable for the construction of components subject to mechanical or electrical stress up to 260 ° C, such as impellers of hydraulic or pneumatic pumps, bearings, boxes for fuel level gauges, sliding parts, gears, rollers, bushings, membranes for nanofiltration. It is also used for the realization of the components mounted within aircraft, printers, office equipment, lamps and sockets.


Shown below are the most common trade names for the PAI material.

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