The Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) is a semicrystalline polymer in which the aromatic monomers elements are combined together by sulfur atoms. It can be produced as a thermosetting or thermoplastic curable.


The PPS can be processed by injection molding, compression molding, sintering, machining by means of hard metal tools, ultrasonic welding, butt welding to hot tool and gluing by means of epoxy or polyurethane resin glues.

The PPS is characterized by high heat deformation temperature (the melting temperature is about 445 ° C), as well as high chemical resistance and rigidity. For prolonged use can reach temperatures up to 240 ° C, while the maximum temperature of use is about 300 ° C. There are no known solvents for temperatures below 200 ° C, whereas at high temperatures the PPS tends to swell. And ‘resistant to non-oxidizing acids and alkaline solutions, except for hydrochloric acid, while is attacked by oxidizing agents such as nitric acid. Light can cause the surface alteration in formulations not stabilized or pigmented. It exhibits good gas permeability and is flame resistant. Nature of the PPS is a brittle material: for this reason are often added fibers or mineral fillers (glass fibers, carbon fibers, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, kaolin, mica, talc or quartz) to improve the dimensional stability and the workability, up to reach 70% of the mass. It has very good electrical properties and high resistance to radiation.

Due to its resistance to chemical agents and high deformation temperature the PPS can be employed in chemical, petrochemical and power: PPS are manufactured components for valves and pumps, semiconductors, plugs, sliding components in contact with hot water , impellers, bearings, lamps, lights and fittings.


Shown below are the most common trade names for the PPS material.

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