LIMA deals with the production and marketing of seals and technical articles made with all types of plastic materials.

The company relies on its cutting-edge machinery (lathes and machining centres CNC, pantographs, grinding machines, hydraulic presses) and on large stores with a total area of 1.000 square metres; there is a metric room equipped to carry out any type of dimensional control, guaranteeing both semi-finished and finished product conformity. The company has a developed IT infrastructure to guarantee the correct flow of information in the different departments, subdivisions, data recording, and security conservation of documents and the identification of received lots from suppliers, which are handled during the production and then sent to our clients.

LIMA has always looked forward to the future and to a constant improvement of its organization, and meeting customer’ requirements has always been crucial. It has also been very important to create an agreeable, well-organised and suitable work environment. This combined with hard work and a constant desire to improve has allowed LIMA, year by year, to climb the ranking of the reference market, and reach the top of the category.

Although LIMA has grown over the years, we do not forget our origins. Our registered and manufacturing offices were originally located at Cividate al Piano (BG) and then after few years we moved to Grumello del Monte (BG), an ideal place for the production and commercialization of industrial seals, drawing components and products moulded from thermoplastic material for different industrial sectors.

Over time Grumello del Monte has become a benchmark in the rubber/plastic sector in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia and Milano, so it has rewarded the President’s intuition and the Founder Angelo Baldelli. LIMA’s commercial growth meant that another new change of location was needed in 2010, this time from Grumello del Monte to Bolgare (BG), in a new location suitable for the current organisational needs of the company and its production volumes.

Amedeo Baldelli – General Manager

The main goal of LIMA has always been to invest wisely in advanced technology, state-of –art machinery and skilled workers.


  • Bolgare (BG)

    The plant in Bolgare (BG) deals with the creation of drawing products; It has a production department with technologically advanced machines, a warehouse for finished products and commercial and executive offices.

  • Milano (MI)

    The branch office located in Milan (MI) deals with the retailing standards and printed products; it has a warehouse for finished products, commercial and administrative offices.


    LIMA directs its efforts towards a constant improvement of production processes, investing in cutting-edge machinery, (such as lathes and machining centres CNC) and in high precision, visual and dimensional control toolboxes.

    LIMA works together with important multinational companies specialising in the research and production of new special plastic materials. For many years, Lima has invested in an advanced data-processing centre (CED) able to coordinate, check and harmonize the company’s entire information process.


    Professional training is very important for LIMA. People, who work for Lima, are highly qualified and contribute to business development, customer’ management and production.

    Our clients will always find person to contact for help them in different situations such as progress of their purchase order, complaints and for give technical information and support in choosing the best product according to their expectations.

    In our company, we have skilled workers, experts, engineers, consultants and technicians who take care of customer’s requirements and quality of the finished product.


    For more information and requests, please see the contact us’ page where it is possible to find the necessary references; we will be glad to answer to all of your questions.

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